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Least Developed Countries

The constituent countries of the list of Least Developed Countries face major obstacles to development. They represent the poorest and most vulnerable segment of the international community. The vast majority of the population, particularly women and children suffer from extreme poverty and famine added to civil conflicts, violations of human rights, gender-based inequality and high rates of HIV/ AIDS, malaria , infant and maternal mortality. The implementation of the Charter of Human Rights in LDCs is sometime problematic due to a lack of political will and corruption. The implementation of the millennium development goals is very slow and also represents a major challenge that these countries cannot overcome without the help of international cooperation.
Originally, the LDC status in based on the 3 following criteria:
1. A low revenue based on the average of three years of Gross national income (GNI), based on the World Bank Atlas Method
2. Human capital indicators based on: 
  • nutrition: percentage of undernourished population
  • health: infant mortality rate for children aged 5 and under
  • education: enrollment in high school rate; literacy rate
3. Economic vulnerability index based on :
  • agricultural production instability
  • exportation of goods and services instability 
  • diversification relative to traditional economic activities
  • concentration of goods exportation
  • small economic dimension
To graduate from this LDC status, countries must improve in 2 of the 3 above and pass the triennial valuation of the Committee for Development Policy.фильмы бесплатно